Posted by: tituraj | February 6, 2012

This is just the beginning!

The beginning of an end was lived and buried now. And, yet, I have to begin it all over again. The feeling is something mixed. No, I am not excited about it but, yes, I do understand that one has to earn every minute of happiness. These are precious moments and there can be no excuse to waste it in a fluke. I earned two weeks of holiday and no wonder it came after almost a year of tiresome and monotonous work schedules. I earned it and I earned it hard. Home is where one’s heart is and there can be no other place in this world that you will call home other than one where you find unselfish love and priceless peace. For me, it happens to be Guwahati. As my plane started to descend from the sky, there was an anticipation, a sense of excitement that engulfed my mind. What is it going to be? How does it feel to breath some fresh air again? How does it feel to be alive again!

Fifteen days of pure bliss marked my stay. It was too short to be long. And, yet, our pragmatic rationale tells us that it is one of the longest leaves that you may get in any professional career. So, that was it. The thing that was never long enough lasted and died in a swift manner. But, of course, you cannot kill the soul, the memories and the moments. They will live to die another day.

Today is the day when I try to resume my routine. In this routine, followed by many of my friends, we are alive only for one and a half day in a week. And, I suspect, my mind is getting too used to it to call it a life. Change is the spice of life, and change is something remains elusive for a long time now. Spice in life is missing. Today feels like the dumbest day of my life. But, hey! that is how it is. No other way to glory but to take the parikrama and earn your place at completeness. Today, I try to step back and walk towards my life again. Long way ahead. Keep moving buddy!


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